News - October, 2011

Markitforce GOES GREEN and signs up to the Australian Packaging Covenant

31 March 2011

Markitforce has joined its customers and industry leaders in becoming a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and making a 5-year commitment to the program.  The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is an industry-led program with the overall aim of reducing the impacts of consumer packaging.  Markitforce is aligned with the Covenant principles of partnership, innovation, and efficient performance – it’s the way we do business. As one of the only companies in our sector to make this commitment, Markitforce will work closely with our customers to help them meet their APC goals and find new, smarter ways of partnering together.  Markitforce is confident that the APC framework will extend our sustainability program further and improve our performance in packaging efficiency.

For more information on our APC commitments, check out our 5-year Action Plan here.  To find out more about our ‘green’ philosophy and how Markitforce’s sustainability program benefits our customers, contact Alan Higgins on 02 8717 4444.