Markitforce ROCKS into Quarter 1 Theme!

As a business, the important questions you sometimes ask yourself are: How is it that you want every team member to perform? How do you want to be seen and remembered in the eyes of your clients, suppliers, staff, investors and industry? How do you want to engage your clients and build relationships that extend beyond the day to day?

Recently joining the highly successful STW Group (whose logo is made up of a ‘7 Pointed Star’) made answering these above questions quite simple…

Further to a 1 day Management Workshop at Ogilvy House which involved reviewing the success of the prior quarter’s theme (Delivering Happiness) as well as setting strategy for the next 3 months, it was agreed that Markitforce’s Quarter 1 2013 Theme would be ROCKSTARS!

Perform like ROCKSTARS!

Be seen and remembered as ROCKSTARS!

Go beyond the call of duty to assist our clients in being ROCKSTARS!

To communicate this and to engage the entire business, a launch party was held on Thursday 31st January in Sydney and Friday 1st February in Melbourne, promoting all things ROCK & ROLL!

BBQ Breakfast equipped with a Coffee Van; ROCKSTAR Musical Chairs; ROCKSTAR Backstage at a Gig Photo Booth; ROCKSTAR Trivial Pursuit; and the ROCKSTAR Red Carpet Best Dressed were just a few of the fun activities that the entire business participated in.

Alan Higgins (dressed as ELVIS, yes ELVIS!!!) presented a full summary of the 1 day Workshop and staff were given ROCKSTAR Gold Bling Necklaces, ELVIS Wigs and ROCKSTAR Temporary Tattoos!

The action doesn’t stop there! There will be numerous initiatives throughout the quarter both internally and externally to the business – keep your eyes open! Clients, please make sure you visit us over the next 3 months as we have ROCKSTAR Gifts to Give!

A huge Markitforce shout out goes to our generous friends at Frucor Beverages. Thank you for kindly donating ROCKSTAR branded merchandise as prizes to our competitions. The ROCKSTAR branded fridge filled with ROCKSTAR Energy Drinks certainly kept the entire team humming all day long!

As ELVIS would say… “Thank you very much”.

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